Why not take advantage of our expertise in designing heating and cooling systems personalised to suit your individual needs? Bring in your plans and we will draw up a system design based on your requirements. As this is a chargeable service, the resulting design is yours to take with you and use as you please. We know you will be delighted with our service so, should you choose to get Maroondah Heating & Cooling to then install your system, the fee for our design consultancy will of course be deducted from your quoted price.

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$50 Consultancy Charge on split system quotes

Here are some reasons why we have implemented our $50 consultancy charge when it comes to split systems:

  • We measure and size up the area to ensure the unit being sold is the correct size and will work effectively and efficiently in the designated area.
  • We check other factors which influence the size of unit required such as
    1. The directional positioning of the home on the block
    2. Whether a room gets a lot of sun
    3. Whether the room is shaded by large trees
    4. The size and position of windows in the room
    5. The ceiling height
  • The correct position of both your internal and external unit.
  • Electrical requirements. Is the electrical board capable of dealing with this extra appliance?
  • Certificate of Compliance. A guarantee of our workmanship for 6 years.
  • The $50 consultancy charge is deducted off the price when you proceed with the quote.