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It is not often that writing a review about a company has given me such pleasure. My wife and I cannot praise too highly Dean and John for their work and commitment in doing an excellent job. Its certainly the first time we have seen tradesmen turning up with their own vacuum cleaner! Maroondah Air should be very proud of, and happy, that they have two tradesmen who obviously believe, and have been brought up to understand, there is nothing wrong in practicing those long gone days of hard work and courtesy. To coin the old phrase old habits die hard and as long as Maroondah Air employs people like this they cannot go wrong. It would be extremely remiss of me not to mention Bob who started the ball rolling when he first came to see us regarding the best installation within our means.
Bob was extremely helpful, explained the problem with the ducting to the exhaust vent, how it had been incorrectly installed and the problem that may well have caused the central heating unit we had installed, to give up the ghost. Bob was extremely professional, polite and, more importantly, knew exactly what he was talking about in reference to different makes and model of units. Last but not least, the ladies and gentlemen in the backroom who answer the phones. Their courtesy and helpfulness encompasses no bounds. I had spoken to Sandy, Vanessa and Fiona, plus a couple of gentlemen, whose names I unfortunately forget, they should also be highly commended for their courtesy, helpfulness and good humor. Most certainly another two feathers in the company cap. In short we are only too happy to highly recommend this company for any heating or cooling job.