Can I close some of the vents on my heating or cooling system?

Not without talking to your salesman. Your heating or cooling system has a certain amount of air which it needs to push out in order to work efficiently. If you restrict the air flow this can cause the system to shut itself down.

Do you have any payment options?

Yes, there are interest-free payment plans available through GE Finance (6, 12 or 24 months interest free) and Ezipay (min. 10% deposit and fortnightly repayments direct debited from your bank account – NO INTEREST EVER). Both options are only available to approved purchasers. If you are interested in either of these options, please let your Sales Rep know when they come to do the quote.

Does an evaporative air conditioner use very much water?

All evaporative air conditioners use water to give the cooling effect.  The amount varies with the size of the air conditioner, the amount of cooling selected, and the ambient conditions. Most evaporative air conditioners have a pre-programmed setting which regularly dumps the water.

The air conditioner is pre-set to regularly flush all the water out of the system and replace with new water.  Some units have the special water saving feature which keeps the system clean and ensures you save precious water by minimising water loss through dumping.

This is achieved by constantly measuring the salinity of the water in the tank and dumping it only when needed, to ensure a clean and efficient operation.  This means that you will not waste water like other evaporative air conditioners, and you can save over 9,000 liters compared to a basic bleed system, which will save you lots of money as well as water.

What is the best heating/cooling system for me?

To answer this question, let us visit your home, office or factory. We will measure up and look at available power, gas and water supplies. We will input this information into a design guide to accurately determine the size of the system required for you, taking into account ceiling heights, windows and other factors which will affect your heating or cooling system.