Are you looking for a single system to heat and cool your home?

If so ducted heating with add-on cooling is the ideal system for you as it provides dual comfort, in the form of refreshing refrigerated air for hot summer days and warm toasty air on cold winter nights.

Gas ducted heating is the desired way to heat homes, so add-on cooling is the perfect solution when it comes to cooling. When in ducted-heating mode, the heater blows out warm air through the vents, and when in the system’s add-on cooling mode, the condensing unit blows cold refrigerant air through the same ductwork.

Add On Air Conditioning

The result is one system, which can provide comfort all year round. Another great advantage of add-on cooling is that you can initially install the ducted heating component and then install the add-on cooling system later. If you are thinking of delaying the installation of your add-on cooling system, we advise you to discuss this with your Maroondah Air cooling systems consultant.

This system can also be zoned for individual comfort and lower running costs.

Speak to one of our heating and cooling specialists for further information.