Visit our showroom : 6 Royan Place, Bayswater North, Victoria 3153


Visit our showroom : 6 Royan Place, Bayswater North, Victoria 3153

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    Electric Ducted heating Mooroolbark

    Drawing on over 25+ years of customer-focused experience the dedicated team at Maroondah Heating and Cooling are here for you!

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    Energy efficient and easy to operate, more and more Melbourne residents are turning toward ducted heating. For consistent warmth across your entire property, our top-of-the-line ducted heating provides Mooroolbark residents and business owners with a cosy, comfortable environment all year long.

    Sometimes referred to as gas or central heating, ducted systems evenly distribute warm air through a network of ducts to all areas of your home. Each system can also come with adjustable thermostats, allowing for precise temperature control and comfort.


    We offer many heating products creating your perfect climate.

    Air Conditioning

    We offer many Air Conditioning products creating your perfect climate.

    Home Automation

    Build a Smart Home with Maroondah Heating and Cooling and MyAir.

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    Service, Maintenance & Repairs

    Maroondah Heating and Cooling are the heating and cooling specialists.

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    What separates us from our competitors
    Maroondah Heating & Cooling are the locally based and fully certified specialists. We have been heating and cooling Melbourne homes for over 25+ years.

    Free In-Home Quotations


    25+ Years of


    6 Year Certificate Of Compliance


    Adherence To All OH+S Requirements


    Licensed, Insured And Reliable Team


    No Deposit Interest Free Payment Options

    Customer testimonials

    change over evaporate cooler to existing dropper,powerpoint and waterline. workers were friendly and cleaned up before leaving.job well done

    Approximate cost: $2760.00

    Annas50 star

    I received a quote from Paul who provided an on-site visit. He was on time, polite and thorough. In the end, I chose a more competitive quote, but would recommend this company based on initial dealings.

    Approximate cost: $10000

    Agel star

    We would definitely recommend Maroondah Heating & Cooling. We have had ducted air conditioning and ducted heating installed in 3 properties and always found them very professional. The work is always completed on time and they clean up after themselves! All their staff are extremely helpful and friendly making it a very pleasant experience overall.

    shanns star

    The service we received from Maroondah Heating & Cooling was exceptional, and we were very pleased overall. We would definitely recommend them to family and friends.

    Maried star

    So it's heading into July and I've purchased a new 'older' home with scant in the way of heating or cooling and nothing at all in the bedrooms. One phone call and it was all arranged. Followed up by knowledgeable and patient advice and presto by the time I actually moved in it was installed. Well done!!

    Tracey star

    We received on the spot advice and pricing from a very knowledgeable representative. The office team were also very helpful and proactive with their communications. The process was so easy for us and we love our new heating system. Thank you!


    Robyn star

    This is the third time I have used Maroondah Heating and Cooling (twice for cooling and once for heating). Each time, I found that their knowledge, service and professionalism from start to finish has been exceptional. This most recent time, their installation team were polite and respectful, and cleaned up after themselves (and patient even when I slept through my alarm and found them knocking on my door! LOL) I am happy to say, when my ducted heating packs it in shortly, I wont be wasting any time in getting additional quotes. Great work Team!!

    lucyt693 star
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    Affordable Ducted Heating For Mooroolbark Residents

    Looking for widespread warmth across your property? Maroondah Heating and Cooling offer specialised installation of affordable ducted heating in Mooroolbark. Alongside their energy efficiency, recent government rebates and cash back incentives have now made ducted heating more cost-effective than ever.

    The energy efficiency of each unit is measured by a star rating ranging from 3 to 6. A 6-star rated unit may be more expensive at the beginning yet allow you to slash your power bills down the track.

    Mobile Gas Ducted Heating Services Across Mooroolbark

    For all properties with gas centred ducted heating in Mooroolbark, we strongly recommend a scheduled safety service. As you may or may not have heard, the potentially fatal effects of gas heating has recently come to light, highlighting the role of carbon monoxide spread from older units.

    Delivered by experienced and qualified professionals, Maroondah Heating and Cooling’s service involves a careful assessment of your unit, ensuring that no dangerous carbon monoxide spread is silently filtering through your home. 

    Organise your gas heating inspection in Mooroolbark today via 03 9738 2000.

    Durable Electric Ducted Heating in Mooroolbark

    For residents seeking a seamless way to stay warm during chilly Melbourne winters, electric ducted heating in Mooroolbark is an ideal solution. This system distributes consistent warmth through discreet ducts in floors or ceilings, ensuring every room enjoys the same level of comfort without the aesthetic intrusion of standalone units. It also minimises dust and allergens, making it a healthy choice for households.

    The installation process involves thorough planning to optimise the duct layout and heat distribution. Maroondah Heating and Cooling specialises in designing customised solutions that consider each home's unique layout, ensuring efficient heating without hot or cold spots.

    Additionally, these systems operate quietly, maintaining a peaceful home environment. With adjustable settings and zoned heating control, electric ducted heating systems are cost-effective, durable, and reduce energy consumption, leading to lower electricity bills.

    Why Choose Us for Electric Ducted Heating in Mooroolbark?

    Selecting the right provider for electric ducted heating in Mooroolbark is crucial, and here’s why Maroondah Heating and Cooling stands out:

    • Expertise and Experience: With years of operation in the heating and cooling industry, we bring unmatched expertise in every installation, ensuring each system operates efficiently and reliably.
    • Tailored Solutions: We recognise that every home is different. Our tailored solutions ensure that your heating system aligns perfectly with your needs and preferences.
    • Commitment to Quality: Our collaboration with top-of-the-line manufacturers ensures that only the best products are used in your home. Plus, all installations are carried out by highly trained professionals who are committed to delivering excellence.

    Electric Ducted Heating in Mooroolbark – Contact Us Today

    Whether you're upgrading your current heating system or installing a new setup, let Maroondah Heating and Cooling help you achieve the perfect home environment.

    We specialize in service, repair, and installation across HawthornKewBox HillLilydaleGlen WaverleyMalvern and more. Contact us today at 03 9738 2000 to discover more about our electric ducted heating solutions for Mooroolbark.

    Frequently Asked Questions – Electric Ducted Heating in Mooroolbark

    What are the primary benefits of installing electric ducted heating in Mooroolbark?

    Electric ducted heating provides consistent and efficient warmth to all rooms of your home, reducing dust and allergen circulation compared to other heating methods. Its zoning control capabilities allow for targeted heating, which saves on energy costs, and these systems are known for their durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

    How does electric ducted heating work to enhance the comfort of homes in Mooroolbark during winter?

    Electric ducted heating systems use a central heating unit that pushes warmed air through a series of ducts strategically installed in ceilings or floors throughout the home. This ensures an even distribution of heat in every room, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature despite the cold outside.

    Is electric ducted heating a cost-effective choice for Mooroolbark residents?

    Yes, electric ducted heating is a cost-effective option in the long term. It not only has lower installation costs compared to some other heating systems but also features energy-efficient operations. With zoned heating controls, users can heat only the necessary areas of the home, which further reduces energy usage leading to lower electricity bills.

    Can electric ducted heating be integrated with other systems in my Mooroolbark home for year-round comfort?

    Absolutely. Electric ducted heating systems can be effectively combined with evaporative cooling systems to provide comprehensive climate control throughout the year in your Mooroolbark home. This integration allows for seamless switching between heating and cooling, ensuring optimal comfort no matter the season.

    What should I look for when choosing a provider for electric ducted heating installation in Mooroolbark?

    When selecting a provider for electric ducted heating in Mooroolbark, consider their expertise and experience in the field, the quality of their heating systems, and the personalisation of their service to fit your home’s specific needs. Maroondah Heating & Cooling, for instance, offers tailored heating solutions and utilises only top-quality components, ensuring efficient and reliable heating for your home.

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