Visit our showroom : 6 Royan Place, Bayswater North, Victoria 3153


Visit our showroom : 6 Royan Place, Bayswater North, Victoria 3153

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Electric Ducted Heating Installation Melbourne

Because of its versatility, a ducted heating system is the best option for those looking to provide heat to their entire home. The ducted system is tucked away, with only vents in your ceiling or floors being visible. Our team here at Maroondah Heating and Cooling can perform a ducted heating installation service in almost any home across Melbourne, both new and existing.

We believe in transparency and no hidden costs – what we quote is what you pay. Coupled with our friendly customer service and after-installation support, you can trust Maroondah Heating & Cooling when you need an electric ducted heating installation in Melbourne.

Electric Ducted Heating Installation Melbourne: Can A Ducted Heating System Also Cool?

The purpose of a ducted system is to circulate hot air through the roof or underfloor ducts, supplying convective heat throughout your home. If your ducted heating system is electric, your ducted unit can also be converted into a reverse cycle air-conditioner. This will in turn keep your home cool during summer, while also saving on major installation costs.

To find out more about how a ducted heating system works, please don’t hesitate to contact our expert technicians here at Maroondah Heating and Cooling today. To enquire about our ducted heating installation service for your Melbourne home, please give us a call on 03 9738 2000 and request a quote from our team.

Comprehensive Electric Ducted Heating Installation in Melbourne


At Maroondah Heating & Cooling, the installation process for electric ducted heating systems in Melbourne residences begins with an initial consultation. During this phase, our experts evaluate your home’s layout, discussing your specific heating requirements and any concerns you might have.

Following this, our skilled technicians will plan the installation, ensuring minimal disruption to your home. They will install the heating unit and configure the ductwork to optimise the airflow for maximum comfort. Precision is key in this step, as proper placement and secure fitting of ducts significantly enhance the system's overall effectiveness and longevity.

After the setup, we conduct thorough testing to ensure everything operates smoothly. This includes checking the thermostat settings, airflow and safety features. We also educate our customers on properly using and maintaining their new system to maximise performance and efficiency. This step-by-step approach confirms that your heating system is reliable, effective and ready to serve you for years to come.

Electric Ducted Heating Installation in Melbourne Care Tips

Once your electric ducted heating system is installed, Maroondah Heating & Cooling continues to offer support to ensure its proper function. Our comprehensive maintenance service includes regular check-ups that help prevent issues and extend the system's lifespan. During these sessions, our technicians inspect filters, ducts and electrical components for any signs of wear and tear.

We also provide timely repairs and replacements, significantly reducing the risk of major breakdowns. By keeping your system in optimal condition, we help maintain its efficiency, which helps keep your energy bills in check. Our team is always ready to answer any queries or concerns you may have regarding the functioning and care of your electric ducted heating system.

Enjoy Electric Ducted Heating Installation in Melbourne Now!

By choosing Maroondah Heating & Cooling for your electric ducted heating installation in Melbourne, you're opting for quality, reliability and a warm home year-round. We specialize in service, repair, and installation across Bulleen, Camberwell, Caulfield, ChadstoneCroydon and more. Contact us today at 03 9738 2000 to schedule your consultation or to learn more about our services and how we can make your home more comfortable.
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    change over evaporate cooler to existing dropper,powerpoint and waterline. workers were friendly and cleaned up before leaving.job well done

    Approximate cost: $2760.00

    Annas50 star

    I received a quote from Paul who provided an on-site visit. He was on time, polite and thorough. In the end, I chose a more competitive quote, but would recommend this company based on initial dealings.

    Approximate cost: $10000

    Agel star

    We would definitely recommend Maroondah Heating & Cooling. We have had ducted air conditioning and ducted heating installed in 3 properties and always found them very professional. The work is always completed on time and they clean up after themselves! All their staff are extremely helpful and friendly making it a very pleasant experience overall.

    shanns star

    The service we received from Maroondah Heating & Cooling was exceptional, and we were very pleased overall. We would definitely recommend them to family and friends.

    Maried star

    So it's heading into July and I've purchased a new 'older' home with scant in the way of heating or cooling and nothing at all in the bedrooms. One phone call and it was all arranged. Followed up by knowledgeable and patient advice and presto by the time I actually moved in it was installed. Well done!!

    Tracey star

    We received on the spot advice and pricing from a very knowledgeable representative. The office team were also very helpful and proactive with their communications. The process was so easy for us and we love our new heating system. Thank you!


    Robyn star

    This is the third time I have used Maroondah Heating and Cooling (twice for cooling and once for heating). Each time, I found that their knowledge, service and professionalism from start to finish has been exceptional. This most recent time, their installation team were polite and respectful, and cleaned up after themselves (and patient even when I slept through my alarm and found them knocking on my door! LOL) I am happy to say, when my ducted heating packs it in shortly, I wont be wasting any time in getting additional quotes. Great work Team!!

    lucyt693 star
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    Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Ducted Heating Installation in Melbourne

    What makes Maroondah Heating & Cooling a preferred provider for electric ducted heating installation in Melbourne?

    Maroondah Heating & Cooling is known for its skilled and certified professionals, the use of high-quality and durable systems sourced from top manufacturers and a commitment to transparency and excellent customer service. Our expertise ensures that each installation is customised to meet the specific needs of your Melbourne home.

    What is involved in the installation process of an electric ducted heating system by Maroondah Heating & Cooling in Melbourne?

    Our installation process starts with an initial consultation to evaluate your home’s layout and heating requirements. Our technicians will then plan and execute the installation with minimal disruption, configuring the ductwork to maximise comfort. A thorough testing and educational session on maintenance follows, ensuring your system operates smoothly.

    How can Maroondah Heating & Cooling aid in the maintenance of my electric ducted heating system in Melbourne?

    We offer a comprehensive maintenance service that includes regular checks of your system’s filters, ducts and electrical components, alongside timely repairs and replacements. This proactive approach helps in maintaining the system’s efficiency and extending its lifespan.

    Are there any hidden costs in the quote provided by Maroondah Heating & Cooling for electric ducted heating installation in Melbourne?

    No, Maroondah Heating & Cooling believes in complete transparency. The quote you receive fully includes all costs, ensuring no surprises or hidden charges.

    How often should I schedule maintenance checks for my electric ducted heating system in Melbourne to ensure it operates efficiently?

    We recommend scheduling at least one professional maintenance check annually. Regular maintenance not only ensures your heating system maintains peak performance but also contributes to greater energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness during the colder months in Melbourne.

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