One of your most valuable investments is your home and it is vital that you have a heating or cooling system that will suit you and your family.

We believe we offer a specialised personal approach, which separates us from our competitors.

We appreciate everyone’s homes and needs are different and that is why we offer an obligation-free, in-home consultation service where we come to you, listen to what you want and offer our professional advice based on what you have told us and the design of your home.

As we come to you, there will be no little surprises when the job is finished. Our knowledgeable and friendly consultants come to you, listen to your needs, and then size up your home for a suitable system, after which you will receive a firm written quote of the works to be carried out.

Our consultants receive ongoing training, so they are up to date with all new product releases and the latest technology. They will take the time to listen to your needs before advising you on a suitable system.

During our consultation, we will size up each room and take photos to ensure we supply and install the correct-sized unit for your home and install it in the most suitable location.

We will carry out the following checks:

Floor / roof cavity 

We will get under your home or into your roof and check that the unit we suggest will fit in the required space, and draw a floor plan and measure the area to ensure it is correctly sized.

  • Gas We will check your gas line and establish your gas fitting line is capable of supplying sufficient gas to run the unit
  • Power We will check you have the sufficient power supply to cope with the unit
  • RCD We will check your home is fitted with a RCD (safety switch). This is a regulatory requirement

We allow sufficient time to fully cover all these areas and ensure that when we leave your home you will have a greater understanding of the correct system for your needs.

We supply and install all the leading brands, so our advice will be unbiased and based solely on the most suitable system for your home.

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One of your most valuable investments is your home and it is vital you have an effective heating and cooling system that will suit

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We suggest you take advangage of out expertise when it comes to designing a personalised heating and cooling system for your home

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Another point of difference is our installation process we ensure that you are involved and informed through the whole process

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Ongoing Service

We provide ongoing service to all of our clients. be it in the form of a query relating to your installation or your actual system.

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