Split system air conditioning units are comprised of two main components. One half of the system, the condenser, is installed externally and the other half, the fan coil, is installed internally – this is why they are called split system air conditioners. When the split system is in cooling mode, the warm air from inside the room is taken by the fan coil and removed, resulting in cold air recirculating in the room. When used in reverse mode, the system pumps out toasty warm air.

split system air conditioning

Split system air conditioning units are designed to heat or cool the room they are installed in and come in Inverter, fixed speed or non-Inverter models. The split system air conditioning units we supply and install all meet strict environmental and safety standards and run on ozone safe, non-flammable, non-toxic and highly energy efficient refrigerants.

Split system air conditioners are ideal if you are looking at cooling a specific room, or office space. This makes a split system air conditioner one of the smartest investments you can make in your home! For split system air conditioners in Melbourne, there’s simply no better choice than Maroondah Air!

Split System Air Conditioner

The inverter technology used in split system air conditioners is the key to constant comfort all year round as it maintains a constant temperature, saves on running costs by using less energy consumption and produces relatively less noise when operating.

split system air conditioners

Split systems air conditioning units come in a variety of models: discreet wall mounted units, compact floor consoles, versatile floor and ceiling units and multi head systems with multiple fan coils that can be fitted to a single condenser.

Wall mounted split system air conditioning is a very popular choice when it comes to options for air conditioning in Melbourne, mainly due to the fact they are affordable, easy to maintain and a convenient option for apartments. If you have decided on a split system air conditioner for your home, Maroondah Air can help you choose the right type for you.

A multi-head air conditioner may be required if there is limited outdoor space for the condenser. A multi-split air conditioning unit means there are various head units in each room which run off the same outdoor compressor. Multi-split air conditioning units are a great choice for apartments or townhouses.f


Different types of split system air conditioning units available to you:


A bulkhead is installed when a standard wall mounted unit is not possible, usually due to the lack of wall space or if ceilings are concrete. A bulkhead is quiet and suitable for any application.

Ceiling cassettessplit system installation

Ceiling cassettes are cleverly designed so that they can be attached to the ceiling for greater flexibility when wall space is limited. Ceiling cassette units are more commonly used in commercial applications but can also be installed in homes where wall space to suit a wall-hung system is lacking.

Console units

Console units can be installed on the floor or ceiling. This style of split system air conditioning unit is more commonly found in commercial installations, in particular hotels and petrol stations, but they can also be installed in domestic homes where a high air flow is required.

multi split air conditioning

Multi Head Air Conditioner

Have you heard of the benefits of a multi head or multi split air conditioning system? If you are considering a split system air conditioning system, a multi head air conditioner could be right for you.

A multi head system is a term for a split system with more than one indoor units. Each room has allocated to it a unit, which can heat and cool, on command. A multi head air conditioner or multi split air conditioning can be a great way to heat or cool the home evenly. You can have the unit is as many or as little of the rooms in your as you want.

With a split system air conditioner Melbourne customers will find that all the hardware is outside the home. This is good for aesthetic work, sound reduction and repairs. With split system air conditioners the good looking unit is indoors, while the grunt work is completed by an outdoor unit.

In addition to split system installations, Melbourne homeowners can also count on Maroondah Air for regular maintenance and servicing of multi split air conditioning and regular split conditioner servicing.

For split system installation Melbourne customers need look no further than the affordable Maroondah Air! In addition to split system air conditioners, Melbourne residents can also turn to Maroondah Air for ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, ducted air conditioners, hydronic systems and evaporative cooling.